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Photo A wide range of temperature transducers (thermocouples and cable assemblies) is available for control applications on gas turbines by various manufacturers: General Electric, Siemens, Pratt & Whitne, etc.

Photo The SPECTRA GT30 flame sensor prevents spurious turbine trips. GT30 is a compact optical flame sensor featuring robust design used to transmit 4-20 mA analog signals proportional to combustion intensity. The GT30 sensor can withstand pressure up to 30 bars so there is no need for intermediate windows or other protection mechanisms.

Photo Alarms have LED backlights to ensure local viewing of faults and a set of communication options linking it with other devices. Faults can be viewed remotely via standard web browser using an integrated web server. An integrated ground fault detector supplied on request is designed to identify ground short-circuits in external wiring.

Photo An advanced alarm control system records critical faults in the sequence of their appearance with up to 1 msec resolution. SERNET can display your faults in a web browser for easy analysis and ensures real-time data acquisition via series and Ethernet ports. It is ideal for monitoring critical alarm signals that can be received from distribution substations, transformers, turbines, boilers, pumps, engines, uninterruptible power supplies, HVAC control systems, building security systems and many others. One device can store 40,000 events in its memory.

Photo The MD3018 sensor is designed for real-time density measurements of process fluids. An all-welded leak-tight structure made of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. A transducer is completely submersible thus providing significantly reduced errors associated with temperature drops typical for other remote leak-proof systems. This model is ideal for mud and cement density measurements.

Photo Power quality and transient recorders measure mains voltage profiles, voltage dips and surges, voltage and current imbalance as well as flicker effects.

Photo Annunciators ensure quick visual (on-screen) and audible alarm transmission. These integral autonomous devices feature high reliability and offer easy and flexible modular configuration.

Photo FOCUS Т1/ Е1 multiplexers combine data, voice and protected relay channels in one system for transmission via optical communication lines. They are used for upgrading critical multiplex systems from medium to large-size power stations and industrial electrical networks.