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В A-INTEGRA practices a technical policy that motivates employees to improve their own technical skills constantly. Main training tools include job educational trainings delivered by the partners of A-INTEGRA. A-INTEGRA in-house trainings using its own simulators and full-fledged control systems based on demo stands. Very often the most effective factor in the development of technical engineering skills is searching for solutions and meeting the non-standard requirements of our customers within project implementation processes.

By improving the technical level of its own team of engineers, A-INTEGRA consistently expands a circle of ongoing technical problems and trends as well as the range of control system platforms tested for implementation of specific tasks in terms of the industrial turbine control and anti-surge control of centrifugal compressors.

Each new solution passes several stages of verification and selection before this solution is actually proposed to the market, starting with an expert evaluation of the solution with respect to its technical and functional compliance with applicable design, assembly, configuration, commissioning standards and requirements and multiple testing of the prototype, and finishing with the pilot system implementation and maintenance.